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I offer makeup services for all specials occasions, including brides, full bridal parties, prom, and more.


My goal in every makeup application is not to alter one's appearance but to enhance their inner and natural beauty.



Temptu airbrush is water-resistant and heatproof! It quickly became my most popular service for many reasons including longevity, the customizable coverage, and the finish it gives. This makeup hides blemishes, leaves the skin with a breathable, natural skin finish, avoiding any kind of "cakey" feeling, and last all day!


Traditional liquid makeup applied to last all day! The foundation will give your complexion an even coverage. This option is great for any casual event or an everyday makeup look... just a bit more flawless of course! This makeup is applied to last into the evening and is accompanied by many well-known brands for all of the finishing touches.


Lashes make the look! In pictures, lashes stand out and make your eyes pop! Styles available ranging from bold to natural. Lashes are the finishing look and a MUST for all special events or weddings! A wide selection of lashes are available at every appointment.


Specialty lashes are ordered! Please allow 2 weeks for those.

Things to Know Before you glow

To achieve the best possible makeup application I recommend the following:

  1. Eyebrow grooming a day or two before your event. 

  2. Makeup free skin, ensuring all mascara is taken off prior to your appointment.

  3. Cleansed and moisturized skin makes all the difference for the longevity of your makeup application.

Pro Tip: While I have a huge selection and custom mixed lipsticks it’s always a great idea to pick up your favorite lip color prior to your event for touch-ups!

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